Monk (hardblue) wrote in politicartoons,

Texts from Predator Drone

I see this has come up, but maybe it's worth hitting again.

We had a nice texting meme about Hillary, and now the texting joke has gone dark and macabre: Texts from Drone.

One commentator notes:

[Spoiler (click to open)]I know, I know. It’s dark satire intended to hold a mirror up to our society. You’re laughing, sure, but you know deep down that you’re giving us some powerful, powerful stuff that’s really going to make us think twice about the role we’ve all played as citizens of this democracy, about how we’re all lying to ourselves, and about how libertarians are the only ones who really care about the suffering of others.

But you know what it really is? It’s pictures of injured children with jokes attached to it.
Tags: war on terror
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