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Rodeo Clown has a new target

For the record, DeBlasio is already elected to citywide office, so the voters of NYC are clearly in disagreement with Beck (as if we didn't know that already)

But it's funny to see the rodeo clown attempt to work his art. Also, there were *plenty* of debates that were attended, televised and watched by voters. Weiner distracted the headlines, but there was plenty of coverage *before* Weiner entered the race, as well as after Carlos Danger made our little local election such a hot topic for pundits all over.

It's also funny that Beck ignores that NYC hasn't had a Dem mayor for *decades*
But he would be a fool to put his money on the Repub this year. Possible, but smart money is on DeBlasio.

Oh, and unrelated NYC humor:

This past week, Time Out London published their newest list of 'Lies to Tell Tourists', a backhanded love letter from residents to visitors, filled with misdirection and miseducation. And while we mostly try to play nice with tourists, even when they ask us where Central Perk is, we can't help but have some fun now and again, like with the Tourist Lane. In that spirit, what are some lies that you tell tourists? Here are our favorites:

"You're required by law to give a cigarette to anyone who requests one."
"You pay for a Metrocard by putting your credit card into the slot at the turnstiles."
"That I Heart New York shirt makes you look like one of us!"
"The Applebees in Times Square is a great place to pick up women."
"Manhattan ends at 125th Street."
"Little Italy is full of authentic Italian stuff."
"Don't forget to tip your subway train conductor."
"The NYU campus is famous for its beautiful architecture."
"When you hear the bells of St. Patrick's ring, you should fire your gun in the air."
"You pronounce Houston Street like the city in Texas."
"You can't have the real New York Experience until you've been to Madam Tussaud's."
"Yeah, the line to the Empire State Building is pretty reasonable."
"It's no big deal to eat on the subway."
"Cops never troll Central Park looking for bikers to ticket."
"Serendipity is definitely worth the wait."
"I live in Woody Allen's old apartment."
"The only open cabs are the ones WITHOUT the lights on."
"The best shopping is on Canal Street."
"Your skirt is too short to ride a bike."
"42nd Street is that way."
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