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From what I can tell, legit billboard:

Now some funny pro's and Con's:

Pro: St. Louis will be known for having the best weather in the country.

Con: The country will have to be known as "TornadoHurricane-stan," and 75 percent of the country's GDP will have to go toward tornado and hurricane recovery.

Pro: Tea Party Republicans would become moderates.

Con: Because an even further, more extreme party would develop and advocate for mandatory guns and Bibles on every person (except for non-white people -- they'd only be allowed to have Bibles).

Pro: Cardinals will win a championship every year.

Con: Beating the Rangers and Astros every year will get old and cause Texans to want to secede. (Or is this a pro?)

Pro: Presidential elections won't last two years, cost billions of dollars or overtake the media with constant, mindless punditry.

Con: That would be mostly because Rick Perry will just use Texas oil money to win every election, always forget about which departments he will abolish even though they probably won't exist in HurricaneTornado-stan, and give the whole world the impression that Missourians are Texans.

Pro: New Orleans.

Con: The rest of Louisiana.

Pro: Beef would pretty much be free.

Con: Seafood caught in non-polluted waters will cost thousands of dollars a pound, omega-3 will be absent from our diets, our brains won't be as sharp, and frat boys in St. Louis will always forget that they need a passport to go to strip clubs in East St. Louis.

Pro: Making fun of Mississippi.

Con: Figuring out what to do with Mississippi.

Pro: With nearly equal numbers of blacks, whites and Hispanics, TornadoHurricane-stan would be one of the most racially diverse countries in the world.

Con: TornadoHurricane-stan would have the highest concentration of Ku Klux Klan members in the world.

Pro: There would no longer be a "gun debate."

Con: Everyone would be dead within eight years from gun shots.

Pro: It would be interesting to see what Arkansas does, as it would be surrounded by TornadoHurricane-stan.

Con: The Walton family will turn Arkansas into Walmart-stan and develop the world's largest military, invade TornadoHurricane-stan, conquer us and enslave us to work at Walmart.

I wish I was so funny as to come up with the above. I didn't.

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