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The Hack List 2013

Salon is in the midst of publishing its Hack List, a Top 10 list of this year's hack-iest political writers with epic take-downs written by Alex Pareene in their own voice to hilarious effect. An excerpt from #8 on his list, Peggy Noonan:

Peggy Noonan spent a lot of time living in a house — a cabin, perhaps, or maybe a modest split-level ranch, with a golden retriever tied up out back — called Ronald Reagan’s brain. And it was comfortable in that house, the furniture was lived-in and the television only played “F Troop” and every night children rang the doorbell to trick-or-treat or sing Christmas carols, and it wasn’t long before Peggy Noonan just stopped leaving that house.

Now, though, the house is cluttered, and it needs to be painted, and architecturally it no longer makes sense in the neighborhood.

Peggy Noonan thinks the house is America.

Peggy Noonan thinks everything she sees is America. She walks into a hotel and she thinks, “This hotel is America.” She buys groceries and she thinks, “That cash register is America, and so is this lettuce.” She sees a child playing a Nintendo 3DS and she thinks, “Luigi is America.”

Read them all (well, 3 through 10, as they haven't all been published yet) here...
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