richardthe23rd (pigshitpoet) wrote in politicartoons,

"Bribe-takers, teachers and doctors" of Moldavia

This should help to explain the platform on which Donald Trump is running.

Originally posted by at Кто устал жить на Мальдивах?

What is there left to do in Moldavia when one becomes bored ? This video played on Channel One news program... portrays doctors taking bribes, a bottle of cognac, a box of chocolates; Teachers-there, guzzle booze, bastards buy sexual favours, sweetening the deal with candies, and flowers. Getting to the top is big money. Obama's cousin Osama Bin Laden, once called American vice 'evil' and Las Vegas 'the pit of the devil'. In the words of the great Donald Trump, "Life is a game of roulette and if we are going to play, we might as well party!!"

Join the "party" Party, elect Donald for president. Avoid resident evil...

; )

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