Sharon (moonshaz) wrote in politicartoons,

And now for something a little different (i.e., pro[gasp]Hillary)

You know this is true. Come on, you do so!

Yep, we cis females are just totally ruled by our lady parts. surejan.gif

(That was sarcasm; but I actually don't see why it would be worse than the way a lot of men think with their "little head," lol.)

P.S. People keep complaining that HRC supporters can't give any reasons to vote her other than "Trump sucks." Personally, I find that to be a pretty compelling reason, but there ARE others. Here's one person's take on that:

Why I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton

To quote the author of the above linked piece:

"I will support and vote for Hillary Clinton. I am not telling anyone else how to vote. I am telling you why I am voting for Hillary."
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