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Both Sides of the Helmet 1967

" Where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that we really need him? "

Originally posted by mi3ch at что подставлять под пули

Cpl Billy Wynne. the year 1967. South Viet Nam

And the other side of the helmet..

Both the left and right brain are employed here for a formidable solution to the Industrial Military
Global Banking Zionsit Media Complex to which we have been deployed...


Apocalypse Now - Soundtrack Full OST

Opening The End 0:00
The Delta 6:31
Dossier 9:20
Orange Light 11:35
Ride Of The Valkyries 12:50
Suzie Q 14:40
Nung River 17:51
Do Lung 21:45
Letters From Home 24:55
Clean's Death 26:11
Chief's Death 28:25
Voyage 30:10
Chief's Head 33:20
Kurtz Chorale 35:17

Tags: military, politics
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