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Crossing the Border

El Gringo 2016 (Comedy / Political Satire - original song "Going to California" - Led Zeppelin)

Ahhhh eeeeyeee eyeeeyyy AH hah hahah hahah eye
Spend my days with a Latina unkind
she smoked all my weed and drank
hay :(
all my tequila...
Stupid cunt
Im out of here
Bye bye Bitch!
I made up my mind I'm gone to make a new start
I go to California so I can
go and get my drivers license
cause their gonna pay good money in the next election
my cousin Juan Pablo said to go out there
to the sanctuary city they call San Fransico
with the beautiful rainbow flag of latin america
I don't take a chances on a big airplane
because i cant afford it
so I have to take the train
of mules
He haw
federalies and coyotes( human smugglers)
always pulling my chain
don't tell them you speak english
cause then they want you to payyyyyyyyyyyyy
no I don't speak english
they tried to deport me but I came back again
over and over the cycle never ends
I thought the gringos (Americans) would figure me out
but they never do because their so stupid
so I keep on doing it again
they have smart phones but stupid people
they throw me in jail but I always make bail
I crossed the border twice this weekend with my friends
Carlito, Poncheeto,Gonorrhea-cito
my friends call them Narco Nasty
Dirty Sanchez and Creamy Gonzales
I crossed the border where there is no fence
Its really freaking easy because
nobody's paying attention
a hee hee
no you see me no you don't
I was riding on a donkey on the Arizona border
Gonna find a Gringo (American) woman so I can marry her
and make some anchor babies
I will call them Poncho and Mathew and Donnie
standing by myself outside the Home Depot
I think I figured out what is wrong with the American people
I think they need more security in the border
I am just saying, I'm gonna throw that idea out there, but uh
you know, I'm not from here so, you know it's not really my place to say
but now I have my drivers license
so I can say whatever the hell I want you stupid chuleta (pork chop)
see you later Americans!

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