richardthe23rd (pigshitpoet) wrote in politicartoons,

There should be a song called " Fuck Corporate Psychotic Assholes and Fascist Government Dicks " +18

Gimme an ‘F’ !! +18

words by psp

‘F' stands for fascist or fucking whatever you want it to..

WELL DONALD F. TRUMP JUST BREXIT YOUR STOCKS, and do for the country what you did not for your casinos :
And your airline.
And your steak.
And your magazine.
And your real estate.
And your hotel casinos.
And your trophy women and your beauty pageants.
You like to play Russian roulette, this is madness.
You lost fucking money on LIQUOR I bet. "You're fired!"
“Let them eat cake!”
There’s 5 trillion $ dollars in it for you!
You fascist racist piggy power pieces of shite

Are you Latina? Chica, lo siento! Or privileged white?
Are you a black person? I’m sorry, everyone hates you, like, personally :(
Muslims? It’s Tuesday. Prepare for your beating.
You shouldn’t throw shoes at our meetings.
You beat up homeless people, for Jesus and America too.
And you think it’s fucking adorable, don’t you?
Scream goddam “nigger” at men who turn out to be saints
Go fuck yourself, again.. CIA

Four years ago they trapped Karl Rove’s dick dna in his little vote rats ass internet test tube babies.
Fuck what you say… fuck your lies fuck your emails and fuck your pizza place
You stupid fucking racist piece of shit cocksucker dicks with lizard brains
Oh, should I not say those words in “polite” companies? Corporations,
Fuck you, Starbucks! I want my fucking espresso straight!
LGBT, my ass.

And say goodbye to that last white-knuckled grasp on the middle class.
There ain’t no jobs for no man’s prick unless your’s is ours.
We pay you and we tell you who we devour.
Is life fun there under the Neo-Jew Jitsu Nazi world tower? or NO?
Every woman’s a whore under your cabal
You sister-raping neanderthals leave their entrails
Who knows? Did Obama really Care?
Did he not have sex with that woman… where did the kids come from?
Deny that Hillary lost to that monstrous Horror Fuck?
Vivisection, fix the election, bipartisan muck
FBI, fuck your bullshit, fuck your bad campaign, a killing
and a shooting and a blaming and a lying and a Pollyanna bullshit hall of fame
They fucking get off on it, it fucking gets them off when we pay!

" Fuck Corporate Assholes and Fascist Government Dicks " – There... I said it.

; )
Tags: political campaigns
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