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The Left covers for their crimes and Hillary by yelling “Fake News”

To Some of You, This May Seem Like Old News...

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Question: How can Joe Average (that's me) distinguish the Movie from the Agenda?

Smoke and Mirrors - Follow the Money, Who does this Shite Serve?

Reporters from The Times, BuzzFeed News, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Politico, the BBC and The Huffington Post were among those shut out of the briefing. Aides to Mr. Spicer admitted only reporters from a group of news organizations that, the White House said, had been previously confirmed. Those organizations included Breitbart News, the One America News Network and The Washington Times, all with conservative leanings. Journalists from ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Fox News also attended.

Who is reporting on Trump’s war against the media? For the most part, independent news outlets. Of course, the Times and other mainstream news operations are slamming Trump for his attacks on them—but they are in the middle of the fire. And they don’t have the will, courage, and intelligence to assess their own performance over the last century. They can’t be expected to expose themselves.

The Left covers for their crimes and Hillary by yelling “Fake News” December 2016 :

The overall long-term effect of mainstream news is the induction of a hypnotic trance. The audience expects the truth because they believe. They uncritically accept. They rely on “reputation.” They ingest Authoritative Tone. They need a Voice that narrates reality. They refuse to do their own research. They reject the idea that there are powerful men behind the curtain who are controlling the direction of government. They embrace vague “humanitarian” ideals that are reflected with the same vagueness by mainstream news.

Trump Intensifies His Attacks on Journalists and Condemns F.B.I. ‘Leakers’ February 2017 : rebuttal

It is much bigger than Trump. He is a catalyst.

Washington Post: fake-news partner with the CIA Februaty 2017 (op ed) : post fake news

" In my 30 years as a reporter, I’ve come to see the result of mainstream news parading as the eyes, ears, mouth, and brain of the populace. It has been an utter disaster. The stench has risen high in the sky. I’ve watched reporters who are actually CIA assets turn the truth upside down and inside out. I’ve watched news editors ax vital stories that could have redirected history along better roads. I’ve watched “legendary journalists” betray the public trust time and time again, as their reputations climbed to the level of honored statesmen. I’ve watched newly minted graduates emerge from journalism schools with the moral sense of hustlers who sell pay-day loans to desperate clients. " - John Rappoport, Independent Journalist Op Ed

Trump’s war against the fake media continues February 2017 (op ed) :

Just Gimme Some Truth John Lennon

My apologies if someone already posted this last year)))

All we want is the truth.


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