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The Marriage of Money and Real Estate...

"Marriage of Heaven and Hell where Little Green Men Land off the coast of New York!" 1996

Originally posted by levik at Союз Недвижимости и Денег

Sculptor Tom Otterness Marriage of Money and Real Estate

Tom Otherness is the sculptor of bronze money men scattered throughout our civilized world.

These water figures come before his honed bronze style, to coin a phrase, we see heads in the form of "money bags" wearing tiny Laurel and Hardy hats on their heads.

Venice is Sinking! And I'm Going Under Spirit of the West - See Vancouver Canada Real Estate Market

These two characters go under water at high tide, as Money Bags disappears under the water, while at the same time wondering why Real Estate is so angry, he pulls her under the water too.

Mr. & Ms. Monebags The Marriage of Money and Real Estate...

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