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The Inflatable Pig and Feeder in Chief

Sexist Marxist Racist Capitalist Pig Hands Out Food to the Troughs

O.J.Trump Cracks a Joke About His Hand Size While Passing Out Food to Irma Victims in ‘Too Small’ Gloves..

Inflatable pig with Donald Trump's face on the side. Concert screens show doctored images of the President throwing up
with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as a big baby, and as Hitler. Roger Waters anti-Trump tour

Trump Dump

Projectile vomit?

Roger Waters anti-Trump tour

Problem : The left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing...

Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three different Ones)

Roger Waters to Critics of His Anti-Trump Tour: 'Go See Katy Perry'

Redeeming Qualities : Team Trump hands out food at Florida trailer park
President Trump turned into the feeder-in-chief in Florida on Thursday helping dish out food at a Naples trailer park

dr. π (pi)

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