Rose Cat (rose_cat) wrote in politicartoons,
Rose Cat

Mother love

Chelsea Clinton reading to her daughter Charlotte, after learning she’d be giving birth to a son

One more under the cut.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama with her late mother, Marian Robinson
Photo by Timothy White (a few more pics of the two)

From a much longer post at my LJ
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May 13 2018, 18:37:42 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  May 13 2018, 18:38:11 UTC

How are these political cartoons?
How is this anything? I guess the point is -Trump hates his children.
Yeah. Who knows? At least Trump's children are not ugly mongoloid-looking things.
Wow, isn't that racist? I was accused of racism for much lesser offences, like 1000000 times smaller. Who are you referring to?


July 20 2018, 22:45:06 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  July 20 2018, 22:45:52 UTC

Lefties LOVE "racism."

By "mongoloid," I meant Downs Syndrome, retarded, "special needs," as the retards say today.

I just meant that Trump's progeny are MUCH better-looking than the Clinton progeny (or that other, Osama person).
Friendly advise - just say 'ugly'.
I live in Mexico. We don't do PC here. ;)
Yes, but you might trigger somebody into crying or screaming. Be nice.
I WANT to "trigger" these nut jobs! Only lunatics have "triggers."
I have a PhD in Psychology.
I am, however, pretty nice. :)
You are not doing very good job. Though not really your fault, most of the personages just run away from here, because they thought, literally, "Russians are coming!" I couldn't believe it, until they really disappeared. I am still amused, it was a lot of fun here before. I think you came in after that, right?
I've been here since early 2001, in one form or another.
Really? I guess this a new form, still do not remember anybody with this type of personality.