Rose Cat (rose_cat) wrote in politicartoons,
Rose Cat

Tags: barack obama, barak obama, congress, humor, images, laws, lobbyists, obama, pope, silly humor, twitter, video, youtube
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Should have had a hill on a little wagon.
Er, sorry?
♫ I'm just a bill. ♫ Yes, I'm only a bill. ♫ And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill. ♫

so refreshing... 😊

Glad you enjoyed it! Happier times :)
such a cute little Bill. =)
He is cute, isn't he? And much more. Did you read about him at the link? (If not, please do!)
What a wonderful kid. I hope he makes a difference.

is that the pope from pizzagate/
What? *googles* Oh, FFS... Never mind.
OMG! -- art mimics life, or is it the other way round?
; O