Diary of a B+ Grade Polymath (tcpip) wrote in politicartoons,
Diary of a B+ Grade Polymath

It's too easy sometimes..

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The irony is definitely palpable. Also, it seemed like just yesterday we were all "special snowflakes".
And the fact that they're all following a meme propagated by bots is hilarious and sad.

It's kind of telling how naturally they take to it, isn't it?
I'm actually good with this.

Getting them off the "social justice warrior" thing, makes me happy.
I don't think it will, though. They seem to have little problem with dressing their enemies in multiple labels and narratives—even when contradictory.
true, true, they might remember it latter, but, they are SO gung ho over the NPC thing, it's a nice vacation.

lol, That was great!

Welcome to Corneria.