Sharon (moonshaz) wrote in politicartoons,

Just popping in

I haven't posted here in a long time (and I see it's been quite a while since anyone else did) but some things haven't changed. We still have a tiny-fingered (and tiny-brained) orange vulgarian for a president, and life in America is still an unending carnival funhouse ride of crazy/stupid/hateful. So here's a cartoon:

The good news is that we're more than 2 years into this thing and he still hasn't blown us up. That gives me hope that we can fight our way out of this nightmare in 2020. Hey, just call me a cockeyed optimist!

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The community moved over en masse to Dreamwidth.
..the ones afraid of the Russian invasion. :-0
My IP was blocked for more than a week by the powers that be.

More like a lot of us were shut out of our accounts. But please continue with your narrative, I'm sure it helps.
I think, Putin did that, personally.