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The Media and the Issues of the Day

Couch Patatoes
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American Idle

"Lazy people are always wanting to do something." Marquis De Vauvenargues.

In the Trenches
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American Idle II
I have never watched American Idol but I am in awe of the fact that it is the most popular show on TV. Why are people so obsessed with a TV show? I am also unsure if this is something I should be opposed to. Would life be worth living if there isn't any fun? On the other hand it does seem that this fun may have a darker side, the hunger to become Famous.

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Some of you may have seen clips from the video that he sent to NBC. He definitely wanted it to be broadcasted and that is how he wanted to be remembered. I would say that it seems similar to jihadi martyrdom videos
Richard Engel
Internet Buzz
NBC recieves Package

Murder most Foul
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Covering the Coverage
Questioning the Airing of this Package

Questions abound:

Are jahadi terrorists and these mass murderers linked by mental illness?
Why do seemingly normal people commit such unspeakable crimes?
Is this proof of Satan forcing people to do his bidding in the world?
Should we change the way we report on these crimes?
Can we save lives by keeping silent?
What does it mean?
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